On top of the world

Monument Valley was released around the world for iOS on Thursday, April 3. It's Monday now, and we're still in a bit of shock. The whole team is overwhelmed and humbled by the response the game has had. Thank you to every single person that bought or played the game, or recommended it to someone else. Thank you also to the ustwo family, whose inspiration and support made this all possible.

Seeing the response people have had to the game in real time over Twitter and through blogs has been amazing. We are especially thrilled to hear from people who rarely or never play video games, who report completing and enjoying Monument Valley. Others have tweeted about playing the game with their kids, or with older parents.

Meanwhile, some gamers have wondered what it means for our $3.99 short-form game and a $9.99 spaceship simulator to find critical and popular success in the same week on the App Store.

Featured on the App Store! Missing is Van Le, our the elusive third programmer.

Featured on the App Store! Missing is Van Le, our the elusive third programmer.

Monument Valley:

We'll talk download numbers sometime in the future on this blog. For now, what we can say is that the game will make back it's budget in the very near future.

Frequently Answered Questions

  • Due to popular demand, we're going to be making more levels. 
  • Monument Valley will arrive on Android devices later this month.
  • Prints for your wall and a soundtrack for your ears will be available in the future.
  • We'll write more about how we made the game in future blog posts.

In the meantime, read about what we think makes Monument Valley special on the ustwo blog. Post some fanart or fan-creation to the official Tumblr. If you haven't already, download Monument Valley from the App Store, and tell us what you think on Twitter.