Meet the Monument Valley team

Now that Monument Valley has been out for a couple of weeks, it seems like a nice time to tell you a little about ourselves.  Quite frankly, you probably weren’t interested before.

ustwo is a digital product studio, with almost 200 employees. Of these, eight of us form the games team, based in Shoreditch in London. We're very fortunate to share a creative environment with so many talented folk, while enjoying the freedom to make games the way we want to.

Listed in alphabetical order, ladies and gentlemen I give you, ustwogames:

HNI_0003 1.JPG

Michael Anderson

  • QA lead on Monument Valley
  • More titles under his belt than any other team member
  • Too Kawaii to live, too Sugoi to die

HNI_0004 1.JPG

David Fernández Huerta - @davidfhuerta

  • Artist and animator on Monument Valley
  • Lead Artist on Zombie Panic in Wonderland and Animal Boxing
  • Serious side-burns

HNI_0100 1.JPG

Daniel Gray - @dan_gray

  • Executive Producer on Monument Valley
  • Previously worked on the Fable and Joe Danger series
  • Likes big butts and he can not lie

Van Le

  • Programming on Monument Valley 
  • Creating games since J2ME days
  • Body made of steel

HNI_0098 1.JPG

Neil McFarland - @parishair

  • Director of games at ustwogames™
  • Did the artwork for Whale Trail  
  • Interested in coach livery

Manesh Mistry - @mnshm

  • Programming and audio on Monument Valley
  • Game design and programming on Blip Blup
  • Loves 90s Bollywood

HNI_0005 1.JPG

Peter Pashley - @two2heads

  • Lead Developer and level design chores on Monument Valley
  • AI Lead on The Outsider at Frontier Developments
  • Sates full-geek game design urges by doing trickle-speed development on sequel to own game Aftermath

Ken Wong - @kenwongart

  • Designer and artist on Monument Valley
  • Art director on Alice: Madness Returns
  • Once made a game about kicking cats

In addition to this full time team we contracted sound designer Stafford Bawler to help create the game's audio.

So there you have us, in all our glory. We're glad you like our game or were interested enough in it to read this far. Thanks.