Seven weeks of Monument Valley

We first released Monument Valley on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on April 3, 2014. Let's take a look at everything that's happened in the past (almost) seven weeks!

iOS Release

  • Editor's Choice around the world
  • #1 on the paid app charts in more than 30 countries
  • Listed in iTunes 'Best of April' feature
  • Listed in iTunes 'Gaming 101' feature
  • Over 500,000 downloads in six weeks
  • Monument Valley became profitable in a week

Here's what our customers on iTunes (US) think:




Android version

Despite creating Monument Valley using Unity3D, porting the game to Android properly took some time. To iron out all the bugs we ran two open beta tests of 500 testers each, before the release on May 14.

Here's what our Google Play (worldwide) customers think after less than a week on sale:


Out and about

Some early gallery quality prints of Monument Valley made at appearance at the Pick Me Up festival in London, courtesy of Beach Gallery. Meanwhile, Dan spoke at the Úll Conference in Ireland, where a very special exhibition room housed another collection of prints.

If you're interested in buying prints, we have a huge announcement to make very soon...



Our fans are the best. We made a Tumblr full of all the fanart and fan creations that have come our way. If you have something, please submit it! Here's some highlights:



Twitter & Facebook

We've been especially amazed at the Twitter response to Monument Valley. Here's a sample:

Played through #monumentvalleygame with my four-year-old son. Best game experience in a long time. Thanks @ustwogames
– Tim Stansbie (@brillrubbish) May 11, 2014

Monument Valley is exquisite. Feels more like examining a curious artifact from another world than a game.
–Peter Christensen (‏@christensenp) 7 May 2014

thank you for such a emotional / delightful / magical experience. Not since journey have I felt such humanity from a game.
– cabbibo (@Cabbibo) 4 May 2014

Hey @ustwogames I bought mum #MonumentValley and she finished it overnight. It's her first videogame ever. You can use that as a tagline.
–Michele Graffieti (@graphieti) 14 April 014

Imagine a world where all apps are crafted with the class, whimsy, delight in detail, and unrelenting genuineness that Monument Valley was.
–Jordan Kay (@_Jordan) 20 April 2014

Thank you to everyone who tweeted, Instagrammed, Liked, blogged about or recommended the game. We'd also like to especially thank those who shared photos of their children and older parents playing, we never expected to reach such a diverse audience. We're sorry that we haven't been able to respond to every message individually, but we do read everything.

Oh, and there's this little gem...


What's next?

We are working on more chapters for Monument Valley. We don't know when they'll be finished. We do know that we'll be sticking by our approach of only adding content when we have something new and exciting to say.

Prints for your wall and a soundtrack for your ears will be available very soon!

There has been a lot of talk about the short length of Monument Valley, the price, and how much money the game has made. We're going to address all of these topics in time.

Thank you, from all of us here at ustwo, to everyone that has played Monument Valley.