8 videos about the making of Monument Valley

Something we've neglected to do on this blog is post our behind the scenes videos and conference talks as they happened. But that's okay, because now we get to make one huge post about them! Stay a while, and listen...

Monument Valley - Behind the Scenes

In early 2014, fellow ustwobie Ben Powell put together wonderful mini-documentary about our team and why we thought Monument Valley was special. These interviews were filmed before the game's release, we had no idea if it was going to be successful!


Forgotten Shores - Behind the Scenes

Ben made a follow up documentary about the creation of the additional levels, Forgotten Shores. Read more about this video and Ben's other work on his blog.


Nordic Game: Building the Impossible

Tech Director at ustwogames Peter Pashley spoke at Nordic Game Conference about the technical solutions behind Monument Valley, including the secrets of 'impossible' geometry.


GDC Europe: Less Game, More Experience

At GDC Europe 2014, I talked about how approaching game design as experience design helped Monument Valley reached untapped audiences. Watch this talk for free at GDC Vault.


D.I.C.E. Europe: Games without Gamers

At D.I.C.E. Europe 2014 I spoke about the benefits of creating games not just for 'gamers', but all people, using Monument Valley as an example.


Develop's an Audience with... Audio Game Changers

The talented Stafford Bawler discusses his incredibly challenging job of creating the sound effects and music for Monument Valley, for which he won a Develop Award.


Nicer Tuesdays: Story in Monument Valley

I know you're sick of listening to me by now, but here's one final talk I did for ItsNiceThat, about our approach to storytelling in Monument Valley.


Unity Developer Profile

Unity, who create the software we use to make Monument Valley, visited our studio and put together this profile.