Things can only get beta

As you may know we released a beta version of the game out to selected testers across Christmas. It was quite a nerve wracking experience, putting it out into the wild, not knowing whether our baby was going to be nurtured by a pack of friendly wolves or savagely torn apart by a swarm of vultures.

Needless to say the feedback was.... interesting (but awesome!)

We asked all testers to answer a quick questionnaire about what they thought of the game, and these were my personal highlights (unedited) :

How much do you feel this game is worth? - "Very much 10/10"

What did you think happened in the story? - "Educational"

If you could add anything to the game, what would it be? - "Game needs boss battle"

Any other comments? - "Game is beautiful, you will blow app store"

.... Yes we will Friedrich85, yes we will... Anything it takes to get that featuring on launch day.